When it comes to shooting from the prone position, there aren’t any more comfortable and capable rifles than the Alpha series.  The stock features a wide beavertail forend that runs all of the way back and then tapers through the receiver area to increase stiffness.
  The Alpha rifles come standard with an aluminum three-way adjustable butt plate to allow just about any size person to have a truly custom fit rifle.  An adjustable spacer system is available as an option.  The blueprinted action and aluminum pillar bedding are of the same peerless quality as on all  Tac Ops rifles.  A heavy cryogenically treated barrel with a match chamber and crown is standard.  This rifle, when chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum, makes an extremely accurate long range tactical or target rifle. Tac Ops recommends the rifle be used 70% of the time in the prone position, and 30% of the time in other positions. Due to the intended purpose of this rifle, the ergonomics of the Alpha is rated at 5.

Manufacturer:  Tactical Operations, Inc.
Action:  Fully accurized Remington Model 700, blueprinted to Tac Ops specifications.  Custom made tactical bolt knob.
Stock:   McMillan Baker Special, sniper fill with custom-fitted Anschutz rail.  Black and green epoxy finish.
Bedding:  Aluminum pillar bedding with free-floating barrel channel.
Barrel:   Tac Ops proprietary chrome-moly or stainless steel Krieger.  Barrel length 20 to 24” in .308 Winchester (specified by customer) and 22 to 26” in .300 Winchester Magnum (specified by customer).  Threaded with a class 3A thread for optional sound suppressor.  Barrel and action cyrogenically treated.
Recoil lug:  Tac Ops precision-ground custom lug.
Chamber:  Done to match specifications with .001 headspace.
Metal Finish:  Walter Birdsong’s proprietary Green-T and Black-T finish.
Trigger:  Standard Remington.  Tuned to a crisp 2.25 to 2.5 lb. or to department’s specifications.
Recommended Ammo:   .308 Winchester Federal Gold Medal 168-grain BTHP or Black Hills moly-coated 168-grain Match.
.300 Winchester Magnum Federal Gold Medal 190-grain BTHP.
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